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Vegan Sushi

Crunchy Buddha’s Delight – Delightful for Vegans and Meat Eaters!

Though I personally do not follow a vegan lifestyle, I am often asked by vegan diners to create something suitable for their diets. I am always happy to oblige because I have at various points in my life embarked on several lifestyle diets- vegetarian, kosher, raw foodism and more. When I look at the vegan lifestyle from the delicate perspective of the diner, I bring to my creations the understanding that to many, what one places in their mouth can be just as profane and offensive as what comes out of it.

One of my favorite things about vegan sushi is that it offers delicious proof that sushi does not mean just raw fish. The style lends itself to tasty creativity that rarely begs the question “Where’s the fish?” Instead, vegetables both fresh and marinated, fruits, and tofu offer an almost endless variety of sushi that can be created.


  1. In all of the listed recipes, produce is organic and when possible, locally grown.
  2. The basic recipe for sushi rice can be interchanged with the brown rice version. For best results in using the brown rice variation, make rolls with seaweed on the outside rather than the rice.
  3. When a recipe lists soy sauce, regular Japanese soy sauce is used but tamari may be interchanged freely
  4. Some of the step by step photos on the basic technique pages include images of seafood. It is my assumption that this will be overlooked, as this is not a strictly vegan site.

Before diving into your own wonderful creations, become familiar with the various techniques for creating sushi. Once you know the techniques, you can make anything.


Pick your rice. The basic recipe for sushi rice offers the standard, tangy foundation on which all sushi is built. But for a delicious alternative, try the nutty goodness of brown sushi rice. Please note that any references to honey may be switched for equal amounts of sorghum.


Create your own delicious sushi, or use the following recipes as a guide.

Vegan Sushi Recipes

Spicy broccoli stem and brown sushi rice in simmered tofu packets

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