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Kosher Sushi

Kosher SushiThe principles of keeping kosher and enjoying sushi often seem to clash. The laws of kashrut are extensive and require constant mindfulness of ingredients, preparation methods, storage, utensils and more. It is not often clear how this translates into the world of sushi, which in a sense has its very own deep-rooted traditions of constant mindfulness of ingredients, preparation methods, storage methods, and utensils. But bridging the gap between these worlds is not impossible. With a little knowledge from both sides, you can keep kosher and enjoy sushi.

Please note that the following tips and suggestions are intended for those with a basic knowledge of kashrut. It is my hope to provide ideas and information for creating creative homemade sushi options for those keeping kosher. Any recipes given assume that the basics such as utilizing the acceptable parve or meat dishes and utensils, checking produce extensively for bugs, using packaged products that have an approved hescher, etc will be executed by the individual as necessary.

Kosher Sushi Recipes