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Sushi Classes

Sushi Classes

Team Building

Team Building & Presentations

Sushi Catering

Sushi Catering

Sushi Classes

Sushi Class

Learn to make sushi with Marisa!

Classes are for groups of 6 or more. Gather your friends and Marisa will come to you.

Packages begin as low as $65* per person and include appetizers, dessert, hands on sushi instruction for at least four different types of sushi rolls, and bamboo rolling mat for each participant. Menus for classes can be customized to suit almost any taste and occasion. Special dietary classes such as vegetarian, vegan, and kosher are available. 


Team Building & Presentations 

Need something out of the box to bring your team together? Looking for a speaker to present a fun topic? Marisa’s team building and presentations are the perfect choice.

Team Building – Get your team rolling with a hands on sushi class experience. Participants will work together to create delicious sushi. 

Presentations – Not interested in hands on? Try a presentation and demo. Themes can include how to entertain with Asian foods, how to set up your own sushi rolling party, history of sushi, and much more. This option is great for large groups and club meetings. 


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Sushi Catering

Need sushi for an event? Have the sushi bar come to you! Sushi Catering Services include:

Sushi Platters – Order sushi platters to be delivered to your party or event. 

Sushi Display – Sushi is prepared and set up for your event. Perfect for large events such as weddings, cocktail hours, and other similar events. 

Sushi Made to Order – Wow your guests with this entertaining option – a sushi bar for your party with charming sushi chefs making sushi to order. Perfect for smaller events where guests can interact with chefs.  


Brand Ambassador & Other Collaborations 

Collaborate with Marisa! Opportunities include: 

  • Brand Ambassador (food items, kitchen products)
  • Recipe Development for Products
  • Freelance writing for food articles (magazines, websites, newspapers, etc)

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