Plastic Food Displays


Does this plastic make you hungry?


When flipping through some vacation photos, I ran across this photo I took in front of a Japanese restaurant in San Francisco. And just like the day I took the photo, my mouth began to water looking at the perfect display of food items that look deceptively real.  In fact, I craved one of the curry dishes topped with egg and panko fried shrimp so much, that I prepared a similar curry dish with pan seared panko coated salmon for supper that night!


Though plastic, I think these sorts of displays showcase more than just the food that awaits one inside the restaurant. It displays an important part of the Japanese tradition that suggests that one eats first with his eyes. Though the full essence of Japanese cuisine could never be replicated, these three dimensional plastic displays can come very close. A great amount of detail goes into ensuring that the replicas contain the same colors as well as textures of the actual dish. You can almost smell the flavors through the glass. You can feel the crisp nori of that luscious hand roll in your hand. You may even imagine for a split second that you witnessed a wave of steam arising from one of the noodle bowls while your mind is telling your tongue to be cautious in order to avoid getting scorched. With these sorts of intricate details, you may find yourself second guessing.

“Is it real?”

Regardless, the feelings these displays invoke are quite real and go far beyond what any photo menu could ever achieve.


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